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  We usually buy drinks in vending machines when we go shopping. Are these vending machines patented for drinks? The answer is no, because the vending machine, a new way of selling wine, has been put into operation.
  We put famous liquor products into vending machines, enter restaurants, and sell them to consumers like Coca-Cola in cups.
  Traditionally, vending machines sell things that have nothing to do with wine, but drinks and non-staple foods are the main ones. Now, liquor has begun to try this way of selling. It is a meaningful attempt to put the products closer to the consumers and use a more consumer-friendly sales method in the sales of alcoholic drinks. In this paper, we have deeply analyzed the two types of liquor vendors, Lanquan, in order to provide a reference for the distributors who are still suffering from market changes and confusion in the future.
  When dining in a restaurant, you don't need to buy a whole bottle of wine. You can just buy a small glass of slow food as you like. Recently, reporters found in many restaurants, a "whole into zero" liquor sales model - vending machines quietly rise.
  Beverage vending machines have long been common in restaurants. Coca-Cola vending machines can pre-install a variety of products for consumers to choose from. Liquor vending machines are new things in the industry. In the vending machine, as long as the card is brushed in the operating area, the wine can be directly taken and drinked, and the wine can be ordered on the dining table by mobile phone. Each time the amount of alcohol can be chosen according to the demand, the lower price is only 8.9 yuan, which can buy 50ml. Ms. Zhi, the person in charge, said that because the price of a single glass of wine was not high, and there were still many preferential activities, many consumers, especially young consumers, were willing to try. Through the vending machine, the effect of selling wine is good, and the sales of wine in the restaurant has increased a lot.
  Build Four-in-One Intelligent Wine Sale 020 Platform这种自动售酒机是我们目前大力推进的一种自动售酒平台。这种平台体系可把由一线酒企提供的高品质原窖原浆酒配送至智能售酒机,让消费者通过售酒机或是手机APP购酒,并较终在售酒机前完成取酒。
  This kind of vending machine is a kind of vending platform which we vigorously promote at present. This platform system can distribute the high-quality raw cellar liquor provided by the first-tier winery to the intelligent vending machine, so that consumers can purchase liquor through the vending machine or mobile APP, and finally complete the liquor extraction before the vending machine.
  It's not a dream that the vending machine lets you swipe your card to buy wine at any time.
  There are six holes in the vending machine, which correspond to six kinds of liquor, which not only enriches the choice of consumers, but also effectively prevents the cross-flavor of different flavor liquors. It contains chips and connects to the electronic control organ. Consumers only need to touch the screen and swipe the card at the wine-taking place. The amount of alcohol produced in a single time can be less than 50 ml, and the amount of alcohol produced can be accurate to 1 ml, which meets the desire of taking wine on demand. In addition, there is a LCD screen on the top of the sales body to play advertisements, store information and preferential activities, while the lower part is in the LOGO display area of the liquor companies.
  Intelligent liquor terminal only sells the original cellar liquor of national first-line brand, and the product quality can be guaranteed from the source. We are now cooperating with Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Tuobai, Langjiu, Maotai and Xifeng. After packaging, they are directly put into the vending machine. The distribution process is in a completely closed state, and the whole process logistics information system is established to realize the traceability of products from the distillery to the dining table. Consumers can check batches, manufacturers and other detailed information. This ensures the quality of liquor from the source to the end, eliminates the risk of fake liquor, and eliminates the intermediate links of packaging and wholesale, which is equivalent to consumers buying liquor directly from the distillery, providing consumers with real reassurance liquor and more affordable prices.
  The liquor-selling platform can also get through the payment system through the mobile Internet and social networks. It is reported that the vending machine supports cash payment, on-site consumption and online payment, offline consumption. Consumers can pay cash to the restaurant waiter, who will pay for the wine with his exclusive wine withdrawal card on the vending machine, or take the wine on the vending machine after placing an order through APP and paying online, or use APP to generate the wine withdrawal code and input the wine withdrawal code on the vending machine.
  "In short, its operation principle is to take the liquor vending machine as the consumer carrier and the mobile phone as the guide tool to form a complete closed loop of offline and online integration of liquor terminal, distributor (city operator), catering terminal (franchiser) and consumers, bringing consumers a new consumption experience of seamless O2 O based on mobile and social interaction.