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There is a philosophical saying: no matter how delicious cider is, it will inevitably taste like a barrel. Friends familiar with wine making knowledge must know that the traditional wine making method is usually to put grapes into oak barrels for long-term aging. In this process, the barrel flavor of fruit wine is not despised, because people often think that this is the proper taste of high-quality grape wine, just as people are willing to drink bitter medicine when they are ill and think that bitter medicine is effective, Pain and happiness when drinking bitter medicine. However, with the advent of the era of fast life, the slow production process products such as wine also began to dim in people's vision. The progress of wine brewing technology is imminent. Therefore, more advanced brewing equipment began to dominate the market. Stainless steel barrels and oak barrels began to battle in all aspects. Which is stronger or weaker, let me analyze it slowly.
The biggest feature of oak barrel wine making is that it can fully dissolve the tannins, vanillin and other compounds in the barrel into the wine, making the wine color more stable and mellow, and the taste more soft and smooth. However, the different shape and thickness of oak barrel can have different effects on the wine at the same time.
Although losing the "oak" flavor of oak barrel can not leave the taste of high-quality wine in the wine, some winemakers say that stainless steel barrel can retain the natural color and flavor of wine grapes, making the wine purer and lighter. At the same time, the good confidentiality of stainless steel barrel is no more difficult than oak barrel to control its oxidation rate. We can only control the contact degree between wine and oxygen from the thickness of oak barrel, but we can not fully realize free control, which increases the uncertainty of the quality of wine.
As a product of the development of the new era, it can be said that stainless steel wine barrel also has its own significance. Oak barrels do not have long-term service life. Long-term use will not only lose their original flavor, but also breed various bacteria in the stains left in the wood cracks during use, which will reduce the taste of wine. Therefore, we need to constantly replace them, which greatly increases the brewing cost. The emergence of stainless steel barrel has brought us various types and colors of wine, exposed us to a large number of different styles of wine, and has become one of the excellent inventions in the new century.
Not only that, in front of the devastated earth, environmental problems are at stake. The use of stainless steel inner liner solid wood wine barrel is not only a saving of wood, but also a saving of water. Water saving is mainly reflected in its smooth material and easy cleaning, but also because its smooth material does not need to be cleaned frequently, reflecting its advantages of recycling.
For example, this p dry red wine brewed by heimanluo is brewed by hand after being picked in rusted steel liner solid wood barrel. Due to the unique characteristics of heimanluo, if brewed in oak barrel, it will lose its original flavor. Therefore, using stainless steel liner solid wood barrel can make heimanluo wine more palatable.
The wine often brewed in stainless steel inner liner solid wood barrel is lighter and fresh. It is not as mellow and rich as oak barrel, but it is especially suitable for novices.
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